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3M™ Appearance Packages (Clear Bra)

Read the page below to learn more about our 3m’s appearance packages.

United Hail Pros is honored to partner with 3M™ to provide our clients with the best auto body protective solutions. These premium paint protection films offer comprehensive defense while better maintaining the longevity of your factory paint job.

Benefits of 3M™ Paint Protection Film:

3M™ paint protection film, PPF, offers Denver vehicle owners the opportunity to keep their cars looking factory fresh for a significantly longer period of time. PPF, also known as a clear bra, offers exterior vehicle body surface protection from road debris, weathering, and other general wear-and-tear. PPF can even defend your vehicle from mild hail damage, preventing scratches and small dings. With incredible flexibility that offers a custom cling to the curves and contours for your vehicle, you’ll experience true invisible protection.

  • Unparalleled scratch and stain resistance
  • Exceptional clarity for invisible defense
  • Resistance to yellowing and UV damage
  • Self-healing technology that makes most scratches disappear
  • Tough, durable protection film
  • Maintenance free solution

3M™ Paint Protection Film offers significant saving opportunities in addition to incredible, invisible protection for your vehicle.

3M™ Appearance Packages (Clear Bra):

Sliver Package:
18′ Hood, Fender, Mirrors Coupe:

$275 Mid: $285 Plus: $295

Gold Package:
18′ Hood, Fender, Mirrors, Door Cups

Coupe: $325 Mid: $335 Plus: $345

Platinum Package:

18′ Hood, Fender, Mirror, Door cups, Bumper

Coupe: $675 Mid: $700 Plus: $725

A La Carte:
Mirrors(pair) $60
Door Cups (pair) $50
Lower Bumper Starts at $350
A Pillars(pair) $70
Wheel flaps (2) $70 (4) $140

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