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“We Treat Your Vehicles Like They Were Our Own”

When you trust us with your paintless dent repair project, you are trust one of the region’s most experienced teams.
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The United Hail Pros Advantage

United Hail Pros has promoted industry leading Paintless Dent Repair, successfully completing over 10 million dent repairs in Colorado alone. Our two principles have over 20 years of experience each in auto dent repair while our advanced team of technicians have a collective total of over 500 years in this constantly changing industry.

Our comprehensive auto hail dent repair services include waiving your car insurance deductible up to $1000. United Hail Pros covers this financial burden in addition to handling all insurance company interactions for you. We work as your advocate with tactical negotiation efforts while ensuring there are zero out-of-pocket expenses and zero effect on your insurance premiums.

We cover the deductible and offer a rental car assistance program, alleviating another component of stress that is undesirable during this repair process. You’ll rest assured knowing that we’ll handle every piece of this complex process once you drop your vehicle off with us.

Once all hail damage repairs are completed, we include a premium car wash and interior detailing service at no extra charge. Our work is completely backed by a free lifetime warranty, giving you complete peace-of-mind.

United Hail Pros offers free consultations so feel free to call and set up an appointment! We look forward to repairing your auto hail damage!

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