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Auto Body Repair

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Denver’s Leading Auto Body Collision Repair

United Hail Pros is proud to offer comprehensive auto body collision repair. As the industry leader in premium auto body repair, our team offers the most advanced techniques when it comes to minor, moderate, major, and hail damage. Serving the state of Colorado, we offer complimentary concierge service as well as free mobile evaluations. Whether you’re working through your own insurance, another party’s insurance, or out of your own pocket, we’re happy to provide our acclaimed, convenient process that has successfully repaired millions of dents in the Denver area alone.

Car accidents are stressful enough, making our comprehensive, convenient process coveted by many. We’ve always worked on our client’s behalf when it comes to insurance companies, so we’re more than happy to help with the claims process. Regardless of whose insurance company you’re dealing with, we’ll work as your advocate to ensure you get the repairs you deserve. Dependent on your insurance, we’ll also make sure you have a rental car for the duration of your repairs.


Minor Auto Body Damage Repair

Minor auto body damage repair can happen anytime. From minor parking lot accidents to vandalism, there are many things that can result in dents, scratches, chips, bumper scrapes, rust, and more. We always believe in minimally invasive repairs in order to keep your factory paint job warranty intact while ensuring the optimal structural integrity of your vehicle. This minimally invasive approach incorporates our renowned paintless dent repair technique to deliver great results without having to compromise your factory paint job or waste resources. We also specialize in wet sanding and polishing for minor auto body damages. Minor bumper scrapes can be repaired but replacements are always available and on-hand.


Moderate Auto Body Damage Repair

Moderate auto body damage is typically characterized as collisions where speeds are less than 20 mph. These types of auto body damage can include larger dents throughout the hood, fender, or doors; minor structural damage; and more. Our reliable team will always apply the least invasive approach to keep as much of the original parts intact as possible. With moderate auto body damage, these repairs may require body panel replacement, repairs on structural damage, painting, and mechanical work.

Major Auto Body Damage Repair

Major auto body damage is characterized by severe damage where the airbags have almost always deployed. From broken axles to twisted frames, major auto body damage requires a certain level of expertise to properly ensure safety and structural integrity of the vehicle. Our team specializes in extensive replacement of auto body panels, structural parts, and suspension components. These repairs often require mechanical work and painting as well.


Auto Body Collision Repair Backed by Lifetime Guarantee

United Hail Pros stands behind all of our repairs regardless of severity in damage. Every scratch to every replaced body panel is backed by our lifetime guarantee. Stop in anytime or call us today to schedule your free mobile evaluation!


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