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Hail Repair

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United Hail Pros is honored to provide 360° dent repair services for vehicles across the state of Colorado. We serve the Denver metro area including all surrounding cities of Boulder, Centennial, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and many more. Our 360° dent repair services encompass every angle, ensuring all sides of your vehicle is repaired and delivered to you in its original manufacturer state. Some dents may not be visible from all sides, that’s why we meticulously examine your vehicle’s exterior metal from the inside out. Even the smallest unrepaired dent could potentially lead to further damage down the road, that’s why we ensure dents from every angle are completely taken care of.

We only utilize industry-leading procedures to correct hail damage that has been inflicted on your vehicle. United Hail Pros specializes in auto hail dent removal, dedicating the past two decades to this trade. Many Colorado residents have fallen victim to our sporadic, damaging hail storms, often not having ample warning to move their cars to safety. We understand how stressful it is having to argue with insurance companies while finding the right hail damage repair shop. That’s why we’ve devoted our services in a customer-focused process that alleviates all this unnecessary stress for our clients.

We guarantee that you’ll experience zero out-of-pocket expenses and have peace-of-mind knowing that our 360° hail dent repair services prevent any dings or dents from reappearing or invalidating your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.

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How Paintless Dent Repair Compares To Conventional Body Work

Hail is an all too common fact of life for car owners here on the Front Range from Denver to Thornton and from Centennial to Aurora.  However, hail repairs large or small do not need to sabotage your life especially when you work with professionals like us here at United Hail Pros.  First of all, no job is too big or too small for use as over the years we have worked on hail repairs of all sizes. Furthermore, no two jobs are the same; some require extensive shop time and a corresponding free rental while others can be done in as little as one day–meaning you are in and out in an hour if not minutes.  There are two options for hail repair: conventional and paintless (PDR). While we believe there are significant advantages to PDR in almost ever hail case–sometimes conventional repairs are the way to go. Read below to find out more about each and which may be right for your Denver area vehicle.

Paintless Hail Repair

PDR is a new and much more advanced technology that typically outperforms conventional hail repair on many levels.  It is a relatively new process that has become the industry standard due to its overall lower cost and speedy turnaround.  Therefore In most instances of hail damage, PDR will end up being the faster, cheaper and all around more efficient option for your Denver car.


Conventional Hail Repair

The process of conventional dent repair is the way things had been done up until relatively recent advances in hail removal technology came about, leading to PDR or paintless dent repair.  While there is nothing wrong with the “old way” of doing things, PDR, as a more technologically advanced method simply outpaces the “pros” while nearly eliminating any cons.


Pros Of PDR

  • Paintless Dent Repair is a significantly lower cost procedure because advanced technology eliminates the need for painting/repainting
  • Paintless Dent Repair takes less time–usually just s few hours to a few days even on some of the larger jobs.
  • Paintless dent repair does not require paint and since the metal is manipulated rather than filled, primed and painted it also requires no additional chemicals.

Cons Of PDR

  • Paintless dent repair works best on small dings and dents, not large ones where the paint has been removed–making it an obvious and effective choice for hail damage to cars.
  • Paintless Dent repair has a few areas it will not work well with if the back of the metal body is unreachable or blocked by a support bar.


Pros Of Conventional

  • Conventional hail repair works well with major dents that may need filling or repainting.  Since the entire affected body panel(s) are painted over using this method it ensures an exact match on texture and paint.


Cons Of Conventional

  • Conventional hail repair cost more because of the amount of time and labor it requires.  method costs more due to all the steps necessary to complete to repair process.
  • Conventional hail repair uses a lot of caustic chemicals that are not necessary in PDR (where none are used)
  • Conventional hail repair takes longer because the car’s panels need to be repainted to match the rest of the body.
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