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United Hail Pros is Centennial’s leading hail repair specialists. 

United Hails Pros is the number one source for auto hail damage repair in the Centennial area.

With thousands of vehicles repaired in these cities alone, we can handle repair jobs of any severity or size. Our esteemed, client-forward process advocates a worry-free experience for every Centennial customer.

Every process begins with a free evaluation. We take advantage of this time to better understand the hail damage your vehicle has incurred in addition to custom creating a repair plan. When the evaluation is finished and we’re ready to move forward, you can either drop off your vehicle or have us pick it up. Our free-of-charge valet services include both pickup and drop off. We even include a complimentary rental car to ease any transportation concerns you may have during hail repair.

Once your vehicle is in our hands, we immediately begin discussions with your insurance company. We take full responsibility for every hail-related conversation required by your insurance. Our in-depth experience with dealing with these companies ensures that you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses in addition to guaranteeing that your premium won’t be affected post-hail storm. United Hail Pros even provides $1000 towards your deductible to mitigate financial burden*.


United Hail Pros are the industry leader in Paintless Dent Repair, PDR.

We’ve adopted this method for every Centennial hail repair job due to its high performing capabilities and non-intrusive methodology. PDR effectively returns your vehicle back to its original state without compromising structural integrity or its manufacturer paint job. You’ll be relieved to know all factory warranties are also still valid after PDR is performed. Our local team of hail damage technicians has decades of experience with PDR driven from ever-growing education and specialty tool utilization. All of our clients are thrilled to experience timely repair processes and are speechless when they see the results.

Additionally, we provide a complimentary car wash and interior detail once all repairs are finalized. You’ll be fully prepared to take your vehicle back on the road. As always, all our work is completely backed by our lifetime warranty. Call today for a free evaluation!

The Trusted Auto Body Collision Repair Experts in Centennial

Auto body collision repair requires a high level of skill to effectively repair all the intricate, complex parts of your vehicle. We’re highly trained in repairing mild to severe damage, providing a one-stop shop for all your automotive needs.

3M™ Vehicle Appearance Packages for Centennial Clients

3M™ appearance packages can add that individual touch you’re looking for. In addition to cosmetic upgrades, we also provide 3M™ paint protection film for defending your paint job.

3M™ Automotive Window Tinting for Centennial Vehicles

Does your car experience excess heat during the summer months? A/C can only do so much when competing with the Colorado sun. 3M™ automotive window films provide UV defense, solar heat rejection, as well as privacy benefits.

Premier Auto Detailing Services for Centennial Cars

We’re happy to provide a thorough list of auto detailing services for all of our Centennial clients. Build your own detailing services to get the most out of your appointment.

Paintless dent repair preserves your Centennial vehicle’s value, beauty, and structural integrity.

As cities located on the outskirts of Denver, Centennial cars are often subject to extreme weather conditions, including high-speed winds and storms that bring ping-pong ball sized hail. When a severe storm struck, vehicles out on the road or parked in uncovered spaces are left unprotected and are inevitably damaged from being pelted by large pieces of hail. When this tragedy occurs, vehicle owners are left to deal with the aftermath and can either choose to have their car repaired at an auto body shop or paintless dent repair company.

However, drivers should be wary of going to an auto body shop for hail damage repair. Body shops are known for using fillers to repair dents or going to unnecessary extremes like replacing a panel or drilling holes to fix the dents, all of which can degrade the value and structural integrity of a vehicle. Not to mention, the beautiful factory paint job is lost forever.

Our paintless dent repair services offer Centennial drivers a superior solution for fixing dents and dings caused by hail. We take a minimally invasive approach to make repairs, carefully removing dents with our PDR techniques and without having to replace parts or panels.


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