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3M Vehicle Appearance Services

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Auto Detailing Services

United Hail Pros is happy to provide premium auto detailing services for all of our wonderful clients. Our full service detailing offers meticulous care that can return your vehicle to its original, new condition. Whether you need an interior detail, exterior detail, or both, we’ve got you covered!

Insider Detail*:

Coupe: $149 Sedan: $159 SUV: $169

*(Complete shampoo, clean and scrub all vinyl & rubber, Q-tip vents, clean, headliners, interior condition, interior windows and clean door jambs.)

Outsider Detail*:

Coupe: $139 Sedan: $149 SUV: $159

*(Buff & Wax, exterior conditioning, clean wheels/hubcaps and signature wash)

Complete Detail*:

Coupe: $239 Sedan: $249 SUV: $259

*(Complete Shampoo, clean & scrub all vinyl and rubber, tornado vents, clean headliner, complete conditioning in and out, windows, door jambs, buff & wax, clean wheels/hubcaps and a signature wash.)

For more information regarding our car detailing services, please contact us!