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Full Auto Detailing Services

Read the page below to learn more about our comprehensive, full car detailing services.

United Hail Pros is happy to provide premium auto detailing services for all of our wonderful clients. Our auto hail repair services always include a complimentary detailing– our customers have always been so impressed with our detail work that they’ve requested detail appointments! Our full service detailing offers meticulous care that can return your vehicle to its original, new condition. Whether you need an interior detail, exterior detail, or both, we’ve got you covered!

Benefits of Detailing Your Denver Car

The physical condition of your vehicle can play such a significant part in your overall driving enjoyment. In order to keep your vehicle in great shape, regular detailing appointments are crucial and a wonderful investment for your car’s regular maintenance. Our complete auto detail services fully restore both the exterior and interior of your car, providing a like-new condition.

  • Protect paint and restore condition: Denver can have some harsh elements and weather extremes. In addition to severe weather, the dirt and debris picked up from the road can all affect your car’s exterior paint job. Our complete detail services include waxing services that provide a generous coat of wax to protect your factory paint job. You’ll love the new car shine created by this protective wax service.
  • Improve interior comfort: Having a clean, fresh car can always improve your driving comfort. Having the interior of your vehicle detailed regularly can help maintain better conditions for the leather, upholstery, and expensive surfaces within your car. By shampooing and scrubbing all the surfaces of your interior, our detail technicians will also eliminate all the dirt and buildup from your dashboard and other nooks throughout your car.
  • Maintain vehicle value: If selling your car in the future is a possibility, regular detailing appointments can help maintain vehicle value. Cosmetic condition is a high selling point for buyers– make sure your car is in the best condition possible.

Our standard complete detailing services are comprehensive and designed to restore every part of your vehicle’s exterior and interior. We’re always happy to put together custom detailing packages if there are specific cleaning services that you’re looking for.

Full Auto Detailing Packages

Insider Detail*:

Coupe: $149 Sedan: $159 SUV: $169

*(Complete shampoo, clean and scrub all vinyl & rubber, Q-tip vents, clean, headliners, interior condition, interior windows, and clean door jambs.)

Outsider Detail*:

Coupe: $139 Sedan: $149 SUV: $159

*(Buff & Wax, exterior conditioning, clean wheels/hubcaps, and signature wash)

Complete Detail*:

Coupe: $239 Sedan: $249 SUV: $259

*(Complete Shampoo, clean & scrub all vinyl and rubber, tornado vents, clean headliner, complete conditioning in and out, windows, door jambs, buff & wax, clean wheels/hubcaps, and a signature wash.)

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