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3M™ FX™ Premium Window Tint

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United Hail Pros is proud to offer 3M™ FX™ premium window tint for Colorado residents. Experience significant heat reduction and UV protection in your vehicle. Denver has a higher exposure to harmful UV rays due to our elevation– installing window tint blocks 99% of these rays offering optimal protection for you and your loved ones.

Benefits of 3M™ FX™ Automotive Window Tinting for Denver Vehicles

3M™ FX™ window film is a premium automotive solution designed for Denver vehicles. With incredible benefits, this investment can address numerous issues you’re experiencing within your car.

  • Cost-effective pricing for premium window tinting product
  • Different tints available for custom privacy needs
  • Rejects up to 45% of total solar energy from coming through your windows to keep you cool
  • Non-metalized window film that won’t affect connectivity for GPS, cell phone usage, and more
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV radiation responsible for significant health concerns and fading your vehicle’s interior
  • SPF 1000 equivalent for passenger health

3M™ FX™ automotive window film series is the best way to improve comfort, address privacy concerns, and block UV radiation, making the best out of the time spent driving in your car. Our technicians are highly experienced with installing window film, providing seamless installations with the best product adhesion and long-term success.

3M™ FX™ Premium Window Tint Pricing:

2dr Coupe(15%-35%): $160
4dr Sedan(15%-35%): $200
7 Window SUV (15%-35%): $250
2dr Truck (15%-35%): $225

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