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Individual Detailing Services

Read the page below to learn more about our individual detailing services.

In addition to full car detailing services, we’re proud to offer individual detailing services for residents throughout the Denver metro area. Experience the closest attention to detail and services that really improve your vehicle.

Benefits of Individual Detailing Services for Denver Vehicles

United Hail Pros has always been celebrated for our immaculate detailing services. We’ve always included complimentary details for our auto hail repair clients– our clients have been so impressed with our detailing work in the past that we’ve decided to provide complete and individual detail services for all of our clients. Focusing on specific detailing services and premium upgrades gives clients endless opportunities to improve the comfort and condition of their vehicle.

  • Shampoo: Whether you have dog stains that need to be addressed or dust and debris that’s built up on your seats, we’ve got you covered. Our shampooing services utilize proprietary, premium car shampoos for the toughest stains but gentle cleaning.
  • Leather Cleaning: It takes specialty products and a multi-step system to properly clean the leather interiors in your vehicle. Let our technicians restore your leather surfaces with our renowned cleaning standards.
  • 3M™ Scotchgard™ Auto Fabric and Carpet Cleaner: 3M™ Scotchgard™ provides an incredible barrier between stains and your car’s fabric seats, floor mats, car seats, carpets, trunks, and carpeted cargo spaces. This treatment is always a great add-on service after your car has had a thorough interior detailing.
  • Cut and buff vehicle paint jobs: Cut and buff, also referred to as color sanding and buffing, is a premier service that turns an average paint job into an extraordinary one. This highly skilled service requires proper color sanding to smooth out any tiny waves or bumps in the clear coat, eliminating any imperfections on your car’s exterior. With patience and skill, we’re able to provide that gorgeous mirror-finish that many appreciate in their car’s exterior.
  •  Ozone treatment: Ozone treatments utilize gas ozone (O3) to remove odors, bacteria, and viruses. Dependent on the severity of odor in your vehicle, the ozone generator will be placed in your car for a certain duration of time. The gas ozone neutralizes bacteria and viruses and is the most effective way to address stubborn odors. An ozone treatment is best completed after your car’s interior has been detailed. If you’re experiencing mildew, our technicians will address the source first prior to ozone treatment. This treatment is effective for tobacco smoke, completely oxidizing any remain phenol gas caused by cigarette smoke.

Whatever concern you may have regarding your car’s cosmetic condition, we’re happy to help find the best solution!

Individual Auto Services:


Coupe: $79 Sedan: $89 SUV: $99

Leather Cleaning:

Coupe: $79 Sedan: $89 SUV: $99

3M™ Scotchgard™:

Coupe: $59 Sedan: $69 SUV: $79

Cut & Buff:

Coupe: $199 Sedan: $249 SUV: $499

Extreme Cut & Buff:

Coupe: $429 Sedan: $459 SUV: $499

Ozone Treatment:

Standard: $60 Plus: $80

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