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United Hail Pros is Lakewood’s leading hail repair specialist. 

United Hail Pros is honored to promote industry-leading auto hail damage repair throughout Lakewood and neighboring cities.

We’ve successfully repaired millions of hail dents for Lakewood alone, making us the trusted dent repair specialists. Our proprietary process is the most convenient in the state, offering one-of-a-kind service.

We work with you to make this process as convenient as possible. With mobile evaluations in addition to drop-by store evaluations, we can tell you within minutes if you qualify for our premium auto hail dent repair process. Once you’ve decided to go forward with repairs, you can utilize our concierge service, complimentary rental car service, or drop off your vehicle whenever you’re ready. As your only point-of-contact, we’ll deal with your insurance company directly. Whether you already have a claim in process or require starting a new claim, we’ve got it handled. You’re welcome to one of our free rental cars while we’re repairing your vehicle– whatever your transportation needs are, we’ve got you covered.

We work hard to make sure you experience zero out-of-pocket expenses. Our deductible assistance program will even cover up to $1000 of your deductible* so you can focus on other important expenses. In addition to taking care of your transportation needs, insurance interactions, and deductible, we also provide a complimentary detail and car wash after all your auto hail dent damage is repaired.


United Hail Pros specializes in Paintless Dent Repair, PDR, for all of our Lakewood clients.

Paintless dent repair, PDR, is a ground-breaking technique that has been embraced by all auto insurance companies as the standard for auto hail dent repair. Our technicians utilize state-of-the-art tools in order to execute this highly-skilled technique. This minimally invasive technique is superior to traditional auto dent repair methods due to the fact that it keeps your factory paint job intact without compromising any manufacturer warranties still valid on your vehicle. With a high attention to detail and a lot of patience, our technicians work around-the-clock to ensure all dents are repaired from the body of your vehicle. All of our Lakewood clients are always stunned by the results.

Once your vehicle is repaired, washed, and detailed, we’ll either drop off your vehicle to whatever destination you’d like or have it ready for whenever you pick it up. All of our repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty. Call us today to schedule your free mobile evaluation!

Lakewood’s Competitive Source for Auto Body Collision Repair

United Hail Pros is excited to provide a competitive source for auto body collision repair for the Lakewood area. Enjoy the best pricing backed by our guaranteed repair work. Whether you have minor scratches or severe body damage, we’ve got you covered.

3M™ Appearance Packages and Paint Protection Film for Lakewood Vehicles

3M™ appearance packages provide a unique way to customize the aesthetics of your vehicle. 3M™ paint protection film delivers incredible defense for your vehicle’s cosmetic appearance.

3M™ Automotive Window Tinting for Lakewood Cars

3M™ window tinting delivers incredible benefits for your vehicle by blocking harmful UV rays and rejecting solar heat gain. Improve privacy and comfort with 3M™ window film.

The Best Auto Detailing Services for Lakewood Clients

From cut and buffs to ozone treatments, we can provide the solutions you need for stains, stubborn odors, and general dirt buildup. Experience the best auto detailing services available in Lakewood.

Don’t put off your hail damage repairs– timely PDR process can save Lakewood residents money.

Lakewood falls victim to hail storms numerous times throughout the year. Many residents have experienced golf ball sized hail that can seriously jeopardize your vehicle’s condition. With so much exposure to hail, a lot of drivers make the mistake of waiting until hail season is over to repair their cars. While this may seem logical, prolonging repairs and putting your vehicle at risk for more hail damage can significantly increase costs and risk of permanent damage.

When hail damage reoccurs, it can cause permanent damage to the manufacturer paint job making PDR an unlikely candidate for your repairs. PDR is highly-capable of repairing moderate to severe hail damage– however, there are severe cases that are beyond this technique. Don’t let that become the case for your vehicle! Once hail damage occurs, start the repair process immediately in order to take advantage of this incredible service.


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