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United Hail Pros is Littleton’s leading hail repair specialist. 

United Hail Pros is so appreciative to be able to provide the best auto hail damage repair services for the city of Littleton and surrounding cities.

United Hail Pros has worked with wonderful clients throughout the Littleton area through our convenient concierge service. Our devoted team of advanced hail repair technicians specializes in paintless dent repair and 360-degree hail damage. We’re able to repair dents of any severity in your vehicle’s body. Our comprehensive repairs come with unparalleled customer service that makes hail damage the least stressful issue going on in your hectic life.

If you happen to be in our neighborhood, you’re welcome to drop by for an evaluation anytime. Our mobile evaluation unit is also available– simply call us to schedule the most convenient time and location for you and we’ll meet you there. Once evaluations are completed and you’d like to go ahead with the repairs, you can either drop off your vehicle or have our concierge service pick it up!

The whole claims process can be stressful especially having to be placed on hold, transferred to different departments, and speaking with multiple insurance representatives. That’s why we’d love to take over the entire insurance process for you. We’re well-experienced in this department and will work as your advocate so all you have to do is hand over the keys before the repairs are completed. We also offer a deductible assistance program where we pay up to $1000 towards your deductible*. Our goal is for our Littleton clients to have no out-of-pocket expenses when possible.


United Hail Pros is the illustrious Paintless Dent Repair authority serving the Littleton area.

Paintless Dent Repair, PDR, is an inventive solution that has been embraced as the standard for auto hail dent repair. Clients from all over Littleton come to our repair shop in order to receive this one-of-a-kind service. Our team of PDR technicians has decades of experience in this unique art form that takes patience and skill. PDR has been renowned for repairing hail damage since it is the most sustainable method and keeps all parts of your vehicle intact. PDR is also highly regarded since it won’t invalidate your manufacturer paint job warranty or compromise the structural integrity of your car. Special tools and lighting are used to carefully repair each dent by hand– our technicians meticulously observe all angles of your car to fix all sides of a dent. Our Littleton clients are always shocked by the new-like condition their cars are returned in!

Once we’ve repaired all hail dent damage, we also include a complimentary premium detailing and car wash just to show you our appreciation. As always, you’re welcome to come pick up your vehicle if you happen to be in the neighborhood or simply schedule a dropoff at the location most convenient for you! All of our dent repairs are backed by our lifetime guarantee, so stop by anytime! Contact us today to schedule your evaluation!

Littleton’s Trusted Auto Body Collision Repair Specialists

United Hail Pros is honored to be the trusted auto body collision repair specialists serving the Littleton area. With cost-effective solutions that address severe to mild auto body damage, we’ve got you covered.

3M™ Paint Protection Film and Appearance Packages for Littleton Residents

3M™ paint protection film provides incredible durability for your car’s exterior. This invisible protection is great for addressing the severe weather experienced in Colorado.

3M™ Automotive Window Tinting for Your Littleton Vehicle

3M™ window tinting can address numerous concerns experienced in your vehicle. 3M™ window tinting can address privacy concerns, comfort, UV radiation, as well as solar heat gain.

Comprehensive Auto Detailing Services for Littleton Residents

Auto detailing can help keep your car in the best condition for longer periods of time. With regular detailing appointments, Littleton residents can improve driving comfort while maintaining the value of their vehicle.

360-Degree Dent Repair for all of our Littleton clients.

Littleton has experienced some of the more severe hail storms this past year. A lot of residents make the mistake of taking their vehicle to the closest auto body shop due to convenience. Unfortunately, proximity and quality don’t usually go hand-in-hand, resulting in the customer suffering. There are still a lot of auto body shops that don’t promote 360-degree dent repair and don’t utilize paintless dent repair. 360-degree dent repair is highly significant in keeping the structural integrity of your vehicle intact as well as ensuring that repairs are permanent.

When looking for a hail damage auto repair shop, make sure they provide both services. We offer convenient mobile evaluations and concierge service so that you won’t have to worry about your proximity.


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