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Paintless Dent Repair

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United Hail Pros is humbled to deliver acclaimed Paintless Dent Repair services throughout the state of Colorado. Not only do we serve the metro area of Denver, we also provide our award-winning services throughout the surrounding cities of Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Centennial, and many more. Paintless Dent Repair is the inventive dent repair process that can effectively correct dents and dings caused by a multitude of different impacts. This methodology is renowned due to its environmentally-conscious nature, non-intrusive procedure, and high performing capability. Insurance companies have even adopted this practice as the standard for auto hail damage repair.

Our leading team of local hail repair technicians has in-depth experience, continued learning, and boundless passion that they have devoted to the Paintless Dent Repair process. Our customer-forward company utilizes this industry-leading repair process since it keeps your manufacturer paint job intact, all factory warranties valid, doesn’t threaten the structural integrity of your car, and doesn’t affect your vehicle’s value post-hail damage.

United Hail Pros promises zero out-of-pocket expenses in addition to free rental and valet service. We handle your insurance company claim process so that we’re the only point-of-contact you have to talk to through this complex process. By making it that much easier for our clients, the next hail storm that hits won’t even phase you.

We welcome you to contact us for a free consultation! We’re excited to show you the United difference that’s always backed by our lifetime warranty.


Paintless Dent Repair Compared To Conventional Body Work

Here in Colorado and especially along the front range, hail is an all too common occurrence.  And simply a fact of life for car owners here from Englewood to Thornton and Lakewood to Aurora.  Happily, hail repairs large or small do not need to disrupt your life–especially when you work with our seasoned professionals here at United Hail Pros.  We take all size jobs–big and have decades of experience on hail repairs of all sizes. Each job is unique; some require extensive shop while others can be done in just one day because there are two options for hail repair: conventional and paintless (PDR). While we believe there are definite advantages to PDR, and it is applicable in most cases, sometimes conventional repairs are the way to go. Read below to find out more about each and which may be right for your Denver area car.

Paintless Hail Repair

PDR is a newer and much more advanced type of repair that typically outperforms conventional hail repair on verticals.  Although relatively new, this process is now the industry standard because of its overall lower cost and quick turnaround.  Accordingly, in most instances of hail damage, PDR will be faster, cheaper and all around more efficient option for your Denver vehicle.


Conventional Hail Repair

The process of conventional dent repair is the more traditional hail repair route but because of relatively recent advances in hail removal technology it has is now typically only used on big dents that have destroyed the vehicle’s paint job. While there is nothing wrong with the “old way”–PDR, since it is a much more technologically advanced method, is a much more widely used technique.


Pros of PDR

  • Paintless Dent Repair is a much lower cost job because of advances in dent technology eliminating the need for painting/repainting
  • Paintless Dent Repair is efficient and therefore takes less time–usually just s few hours to a day or two for larger jobs.
  • Paintless dent repair is a green technology which does not require paint because the metal is manipulated rather than filled, primed and painted.  This means it uses no additional, often caustic, chemicals.

Cons of PDR

  • Paintless dent repair works best on smaller dings and most hail dents but not on very large ones where the paint has been affected.
  • Paintless Dent repair has a few areas that limit its effectiveness.  For instance, If the back of the metal body cannot be reached or a section is blocked by a support bar.

Pros of PDR

  • Conventional hail repair works better with major dents that require filling and/or painting.  Since the entire affected body panel(s) are painted over using this method it ensures an exact match on texture and paint

Pros of PDR

  • Conventional hail repair costs significantly more because it takes more time and labor. This method requires far more to complete to repair process.
  • Conventional hail repair uses a number of chemicals that are not necessary for PDR (where none are used).  Which mean it takes an environmental toll.
  • Conventional hail repair takes more time simply because the car’s panels need to be filled, sanded and then repainted.
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