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United Hail Pros is proud to have complete transparency when it comes to pricing. With no hidden fees or costs, we offer high-quality services at an affordable price point. We work directly with your insurance company repairs are completed through the claims process.

Collision Pricing:

Shop Supplies: $18 per hr
Paint Supplies: $34 per hr
Body Labor: $49 per hr
Paint Labor: $52 per hr
Glass Labor: $52 per hr
Frame Labor: $88 per hr
Mechanical Labor: $99 per hr
Electrical Labor: $99 per hr
Diagnostics Labor: $112 per hr
Structural Labor: $112 per hr

3M™ Appearance Packages (Clear Bra):

Sliver Package:
18′ Hood, Fender, Mirrors Coupe:

$275 Mid: $285 Plus: $295

Gold Package:
18′ Hood, Fender, Mirrors, Door Cups

Coupe: $325 Mid: $335 Plus: $345

Platinum Package:

18′ Hood, Fender, Mirror, Door cups, Bumper

Coupe: $675 Mid: $700 Plus: $725

A La Carte:
Mirrors(pair) $60
Door Cups (pair) $50
Lower Bumper Starts at $350
A Pillars(pair) $70
Wheel flaps (2) $70 (4) $140

3M™ FX™ Premium Window Tint:

2dr Coupe(15%-35%): $160
4dr Sedan(15%-35%): $200
7 window SUV (15%-35%): $250
2dr Truck (15%-35%): $225

Full Auto Detailing Services

Insider Detail*:

Coupe: $149 Sedan: $159 SUV: $169

*(Complete shampoo, clean and scrub all vinyl & rubber, Q-tip vents, clean, headliners, interior condition, interior windows and clean door jambs.)

Outsider Detail*:

Coupe: $139 Sedan: $149 SUV: $159

*(Buff & Wax, exterior conditioning, clean wheels/hubcaps and signature wash)

Complete Detail*:

Coupe: $239 Sedan: $249 SUV: $259

*(Complete Shampoo, clean & scrub all vinyl and rubber, tornado vents, clean headliner, complete conditioning in and out, windows, door jambs, buff & wax, clean wheels/hubcaps and a signature wash.)

Individual Detailing Services:


Coupe: $79 Sedan: $89 SUV: $99

Leather Cleaning:

Coupe: $79 Sedan: $89 SUV: $99


Coupe: $59 Sedan: $69 SUV: $79

Cut & Buff:

Coupe: $199 Sedan: $249 SUV: $499

Extreme Cut & Buff:

Coupe: $429 Sedan: $459 SUV: $499

Ozone Treatment:

Standard: $60 Plus: $80

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