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United Hail Pros are Thornton’s leading hail repair specialists. 

United Hail Pros is humbled to provide superior auto hail damage repair services for the city of Thornton and neighboring areas.

We’ve repaired countless dents throughout Thornton and other Northern Colorado cities. With a dedicated team of technicians that are highly trained in this specialized field of auto repair, we can successfully repair mild to severe cases of auto hail damage. In addition to the best repairs available in the state, our clients experience true customer service that’s exclusive to our brand.

Whether you’d like to drop by for a consultation or have our mobile unit come to you for evaluations, we’d love to get your repairs started. After you’ve decided to move forward with repairs after your evaluation, we’ll plan the repair process around what’s most convenient for you. Schedule an appointment with our complimentary concierge service for picking up your vehicle from your Thornton home or office or drop off your vehicle at our repair shop whenever you’re ready.

We understand how stressful it can be when starting a new claim or working through the claim process with your auto insurance company. That’s why we include insurance negotiations as a part of our proprietary process– we’ll work on your behalf so you won’t have to talk to multiple representatives or stress over the paperwork. All you’ll have to do is schedule the pickup and drop off of your vehicle. With our deductible assistance program, we’ll contribute up to $1000 towards your deductible* to alleviate the financial stress of auto hail damage.


United Hail Pros is the trusted Paintless Dent Repair specialists serving the Thornton area.

Paintless Dent Repair, PDR, is an ingenious methodology that optimizes the auto hail dent repair process. Our team has decades of experience in PDR and are proud to be the trusted technicians serving the Thornton community. PDR is the new standard for auto hail damage and is preferred by all auto insurance companies. This acclaimed process doesn’t require any paint or auto body part replacement. With a lot of patience and skill, our technicians use specialty tools to repair all 360-degrees of each dent. PDR keeps your factory paint job in great condition and continues to keep your manufacturer warranties valid as well. Each and every one of our Thornton clients is always amazed by the new-like condition their vehicles are returned in.

When we’ve comprehensively completed the auto hail dent repairs, we’ll additionally provide a free car wash and detailing. Simply let us know when and where you’d like us to drop off your vehicle or come by our shop whenever you’re ready! As always, all of our repairs are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The Leading Auto Body Collision Repair Shop in Thornton

United Hail Pros is proud to provide extensive auto body collision repair services for residents in Thornton. Our technicians always provide comprehensive diagnostics that ensure all damaged parts are properly repairs and your vehicle is returned in the best condition. Whether you have minor scratches or severe body damage, we’ve got you covered.

3M™ Appearance Packages for Defending Your Thornton Vehicle

3M™ appearance packages provide numerous clear film options that proactively defend your vehicle from the countless elements and threats it can encounter. Available for various parts of your car, 3M™ clear film is always a great investment.

3M™ Window Tinting for Superior Comfort in Your Thornton Car

3M™ window tinting is the best way to address privacy concerns, UV radiation, and solar heat gain in your vehicle. With different darknesses in tint available, Thornton residents can experience superior comfort.

Full Service Detailing for Our Thornton Clients

We provide the best detailing services at a budget-friendly price. From complete exterior and interior detailing to specific services, we’ve got you covered. Add a detailing service to your repairs or stop by anytime!

Paintless dent repair preserves your vehicle’s value, beauty, and structural integrity.

As cities located on the outskirts of Denver, Aurora and Centennial are often subject to extreme weather conditions, including high-speed winds and storms that bring ping-pong ball sized hail. When a severe storm strikes, vehicles out on the road or parked in uncovered spaces are left unprotected, and are inevitably damaged from being pelted by large pieces of hail. When this tragedy occurs, vehicle owners are left to deal with the aftermath and can either choose to have their car repaired at an auto body shop or paintless dent repair company.

However, drivers should be wary of going to an auto body shop for hail damage repair. Body shops are known for using fillers to repair dents or going to unnecessary extremes like replacing a panel or drilling holes to fix the dents, all of which can degrade the value and structural integrity of a vehicle. Not to mention, the beautiful factory paint job is lost forever.

Our paintless dent repair services offer Thornton drivers a superior solution for fixing dents and dings caused by hail. We take a minimally invasive approach for hail repairs, carefully removing dents with our PDR techniques and without having to replace parts or panels. Contact us today for your free evaluation!


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